Rogelio Cuevas

Rogelio CuevasLead Carpenter

Before coming to Canada in the 1990s, Rogelio farmed corn and vegetables using sustainable farming methods in his native Mexico. Passionate about conservation and sustainability, Rogelio developed a keen interest for green building practices through farming and his experience with adobe building construction in his home state of Oaxaca.
Rogelio has carried this passion with him to Canada, and for the past 15 years has worked as a contractor, construction manager, and lead carpenter–specializing in finishing, green building, passive houses and straw baling in an array of commercial and residential projects that include new builds, home additions and renovations.
Rogelio is thrilled to be among a team of professionals who share his passion for the value of green practices and a sustainable ethos toward building, and is happy to continue building greener homes for the future.