100% Electric: Our First Company Vehicle By: greening homes

December 11, 2014
Announcements, Green Materials, Resource Efficiency, Transportation

We’re incredibly excited to share the news of our first company car, a fully electric SMART two-seater run on 100% renewable energy from Bullfrog Power. We think the design with our logo looks pretty smart, too (kudos to Connor, who designed the wrap in-house)!

Part of our founding mandate as an alternative builder is to try to avoid the unnecessary use of personal cars to travel to/from our projects. However, we have grown considerably as a company over the years and it is not uncommon for us to be working on as many as ten or more build sites at any one time. Because of this, our management team has found it increasingly necessary to use a vehicle to criss-cross the city each day to maintain a reasonable amount of efficiency.

Gas prices have been dropping as of late, and this has some understandably excited. It certainly makes gas-powered options, and large trucks and vans, more attractive when you are a construction company investigating your first vehicle purchase. We believe that our adoption of the fully — and sustainably sourced — electric SMART car for our management team makes a very clear statement about our values as a company.  We hope you agree!