Greening Homes on Responsible Renovation

Peter Scapillato, a Greening Homes carpenter, shares Greening Homes’ approaches to responsible renovation. This presentation was made at the Greening Building Learning Zone at the Greening Living Show in Toronto, March 22-24, 2019.

Green Energy Doors Open: Greening Homes' Deep Energy Retrofit vs Passive House – a post project review

Interested in understanding the cost of a post-war bungalow Deep Energy Retrofit and Passive House in Toronto? Steven Gray, Greening Homes’ Construction Manager, gives you an inside look at a post-project economic comparison between our award winning Beechwood – Deep Energy Retrofit Project and a (potential) Passive House build in Toronto. This presentation was made on October 3, 2015 at our Sterling Road office during Green Energy Doors Open.  

Owners of our award winning Beechwood project share their expereince

Greening Homes’ clients, Maria Riedstra and Andrew Hellebust share their Deep Energy Retrofit experience of transforming an aging bungalow on Beechwood Crescent into one of the most highly efficient residential buildings in the country. This project won the prestigious Canadian Green Building Award in June 2015.

The Green Majority spotlights Greening Homes in this YouTube interview

Chris Phillips and Steven Gray delve into everything from our 5 pillars to what an award-winning retrofit looks like. Thanks to the Green Majority for spotlighting us!

Steven Gray on our Deep Energy Retrofit Project

On October 8, 2014, Greening Homes was featured at Blue Green Consulting Group’s popular High Performance Design Meets Boots on the Ground event. Architects and builders shared their insights and experiences with an audience of more than 50 of the most cutting edge architects, builders and building consultants that Southwestern Ontario has to offer. Steven Gray, one of our Construction Managers, discussed the details of our Beechwood Deep Energy Retrofit Project, which won the prestigious Canadian Green Building Award and CaGBC GTA Innovation in Sustainability Award.

Typical Renovation Walk Through

Meet the team at Greening Homes, and see how we do things differently.

Creation of an Open-Concept Space

Watch us create an open concept space in this 100-year-old Toronto semi-detached in just minutes!

Creation of an Open-Concept Space - Part 2

Second day on the job of our time lapse video.

Design Charrette for Energy Efficient Reno

Get a behind the scenes look at a collaborative planning method we used for a project in East York.