Our Services

Our renovation services range from optimizing small rooms, like bathrooms, to transforming whole houses. We also specialize in additions and landscaping.

Whatever the job, we work collaboratively with our clients and architects. We also advise on the most durable, healthy and energy efficient products. We can help you cut through the ‘greenwash’ to choose the products that are right for you.

The following is a sample of our services, all of which are grounded in our core values. To learn more, call us at 416.532.6811 or inquire at info@greeninghomes.com.

Whole Home Renovations

Love your neighbourhood but not your house? Renovating your entire home is a cost effective solution to creating the home of your dreams in the area you love.

Our expert and diverse crew are skilled in all facets of whole home renovations, including interior design, engineering, sustainable building and carpentry to help you create a home that is beautiful, durable, cost effective and healthy for your family and the ecology.


Is your house too small for your growing family, or simply put, just too small? Adding the space you require will allow you to remain in the home and community you love while saving money overall. It typically costs less to build an addition than to buy a new home equal in size of your existing one plus addition, especially when you factor in closing costs when selling.

The most powerful aspect of an addition is the freedom to design the home of your dreams. Additions can be built to accommodate a first floor master suite, a second story in-law suite, mudroom, or a larger kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of your home, its hub and family meeting room. It’s also your core entertaining space. Everybody loves to congregate in the kitchen during a party! Whether you want to remove walls to open up the space, add more windows to increase natural light levels, or include a pantry in addition to your new cabinets, we can help.


Many downtown Toronto homes have small bathrooms that can be made beautiful and efficient with a little help. Whether you are looking for a family bathroom that can handle multiple kids getting ready for school or a spa-like oasis for yourself, we have you covered.

It is amazing how a new layout, ventilation system and finishes can breathe life into a space you spend so much time in. We are also experts in waterproofing, which will help protect your investment and give you long-term piece of mind.


Basements are usually the last frontier of home renovations. They are often uninviting spaces that have great potential to be the best spot in your home for the kid zone, entertainment room or home office (or sometimes all three). We have renovated them all, from basements in 100-year old Victorian homes to new town houses.

We can add bathrooms, lower the floors to increase the ceiling height, waterproof your foundations to deal with any moisture issues you may have and of course, make the space more comfortable for you and your family.


The exterior of your home is an extension of your valuable living spaces and can be designed to suit your needs. Our in-house planting and hardscape experts can help you design an environment that is perfect for you.

Like our sustainable interior renovations, we will advise on the best eco-friendly options available to you, including native plants, reclaimed stone, efficient irrigation and high-slag content concrete. Let us help you green your green.


We have three LEED Accredited Professionals in-house as well as a Certified Passive House Consultant to help build your specialty project.

Working collaboratively with our clients and architects is part of our culture, and is absolutely essential for specialty builds. We have the insider knowledge and experience to help you build an efficient and healthy home while sticking to budget.