What Makes Building Materials Sustainable?

With the increased availability of green building materials and products on the market today, it is often difficult for homeowners and businesses to distinguish between what is trendy and what actually creates a sustainable, healthy living environment in your home or office. At Greening Homes, we believe that a healthy home is the sum of the parts that make up that home. Like a healthy ecosystem, your home or office should be built with materials that ensure the overall health of its occupants – namely your family.

Greening Homes promotes and uses building materials that:

  • Are chemically stable, non-toxic, and have little to no off-gassing pre- and post-installation
  • Are sustainably harvested or include high renewable content
  • Have a low embodied energy – the amount of energy used in all stages of a building material’s production, useful life, and disposal
  • Include recycled content or can be reused/recycled
  • Create a minimal amount of harmful emissions during production
  • Are locally produced

For more information on sustainable building materials particular to your needs, please give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to provide a consultation regarding sustainable materials that are available to you.