August 18, 2013
Announcements, Resource Efficiency

We now have two Construction Managers certified by PHIUS as Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHCs). After a grueling 6 weeks of evening classes they have passed their qualification exams with flying colours.

Although you may not be interested in building a certified Passive House, you will be interested in some of the strategies they involve. Just light green building, there are many low-cost construction practices used in Passive Houses that can be incorporated into all renovations. The three major concepts are: insulation levels, air-tightness and healthy indoor air quality. These all add up to create a super energy efficient and comfortable home.

Within each of these  three concepts, we can pull the low-cost pieces out and build them into your renovation. Think low-hanging fruit. We’re excited to be able to offer our clients even more ideas to make their homes more efficient and comfortable. Plus, when it doesn’t cost you any more to use some of our new approaches, there is no reason not too!

Learn more about PHIUS and CPHCs here.