Chris Phillips interviewed for National Observer article on quitting natural gas By: greening homes

February 11, 2022

Greening Homes’ Chris Phillips was interviewed – and quoted – for this National Observer article by Cloe Logan:

Canada’s cities lack the authority they need to quit natural gas, but it’s an important step in lowering urban carbon footprints

“Like many foodies, Jodie Johnson likes to cook with cast-iron cookware on her gas stove — the open flame gets her pans from a little bit warm to piping hot in a matter of seconds.

“However, her stove’s environmental impact hasn’t sat well with her for years. Johnson, who lives in a circa-1920s home in Vancouver, has slowly been swapping her polluting appliances for cleaner alternatives — she now has an electric fireplace rather than gas, which keeps her warm, along with electric floor heating. She plans to swap her 1990s Honda CR-V out for a hybrid once it dies, too.” Continue Reading