February 14, 2013
Waste Diversion

At Greening Homes we renovate a lot of century-old homes. Every year, we remove and replace a large number of original leaded windows in these renovations and we are always on the look-out for new ways to divert these from landfill. In the past, Greening Homes crew have made some creative tables and shelving out of these old windows, or simply given them a fresh coat of paint and hung them on a wall to make a funky art piece.

Doug Mighton goes a bit further. He paints playful imagery on these old windows to change them into something all his own: take a look at some of his work below.

Greening Homes now donates many of our old windows to Doug to make sure he has a good supply of “canvases” for years to come. The profits from the sale of these paintings, Doug tells us, funds his three sons’ love for playing hockey.

The paintings are for sale in various places around Toronto and Doug can be reached at for inquiries about his art. Thanks, Doug!