Flood proofing your home By: greening homes

October 5, 2015
Community, Water Protection

Over the past few years, more and more new homeowners of century-old homes have been calling us about flood proofing their wet basements. They’ve either been impacted by Toronto’s recent extreme weather events or they want to avoid future problems.

They’re wise to take action now. According to a study commissioned by the City of Toronto: “Toronto is likely to experience fewer, but more intense storms in the future. This suggests that more extreme rainfall events and more extreme snowfall events could occur in Toronto in a future climate.”

While the City of Toronto has a lot of work to do to update its underground pipes, sewers and catch basins to handle the changing climate, much needs to be done at the residential level too. No one wants to open the door to a basement filed with water or, worse, sewage.

Upgrades can be costly and therefore off-putting to many homeowners. Recognizing the need, the City offers homeowners financial assistance through its Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program for single-family, duplex and triplex residential homes. While helpful, the program is limited.

It covers up to $3,400 per property (80% of the cost) for installing a backwater valve and a sump pump, as well as pipe severance and capping of the home’s storm sewer or external weeping tile connection. While these components are very important, specifically to reduce ground or rainwater entering the home, the City’s rebate does not cover foundation waterproofing and installing an interior water management system, which also play crucial roles in flood prevention.

Greening Homes encourages homeowners to take advantage of the City’s rebate program, and consider additional waterproofing if required. Some financial institutions offer low interest home improvement loans, particularly handy to resolve leaky foundations.

As a licensed contractor, Greening Homes is happy to assist. Call us at 416.532.6811 to discuss.

To learn more about the rebate program, visit the City’s Basement Flooding page.