Greening Homes Crew at “Spring Training” By: greening homes

June 19, 2014
Green Materials, Resource Efficiency

Five Greening Homes crew members were fortunate enough to represent the company this year at one of the premier building science conferences “Spring Training Camp for Advanced Building Science & Practical Application” hosted by Enerquality.

The two day event had some of the best minds from the industry presenting their respected knowledge on a wide range of building science topics. The weekend began with talks from Joe Lstiburek and John Timusk about wall systems and the building envelope. Micheal Blasnik shared his knowledge of energy modeling and Andy Oding, with Steve Wright, capped off the first day with a talk on their experience building Net Zero homes.

Day 2 featured John Straub and Doug Tarry speaking about basement walls, Chris Schumacher and Mark Gauvin brought more to the subject of building envelope and wall assemblies and wrapping up the weekend was Gord Cooke with a talk about changes to the CSA F280 and how it will impact mechanical systems.

After rubbing shoulders with the industry’s best, the crew walked away from the two day event with a healthy amount of new knowledge, inspiration and friends. Well done team!

Here’s a photo of the crew with John Straube.

Spring Training 2014 Team Photo