Greening Homes nominated for BILD Renovation of the Year By: greening homes

March 16, 2015
Announcements, Awards

Greening Homes is very proud to announce that we were selected as a finalist for BILD’s annual award for the best renovation over $500K. The Deep Energy Retrofit was in good company, with other short listed projects coming from much larger organizations.

Our Deep Energy Retrofit project, which was bestowed a Canada Green Building Council award for Innovation in Sustainability last October and has been recognized as one of the most well-performing retrofits of its kind in North America, was initially nominated in the category of Best Green Renovation. Despite this winter’s record temperatures, the home was able to rely on its under basement slab geothermal loop for heating and did not require its back-up system to engage once through the entire heating season!  Here’s a picture of the project going through its first winter:

Thumbnail Exterior-2

Unfortunately – and rather sadly – ours was the only entry in BILD’s Best Green Renovation Category this year. We were a bit taken aback to learn this news, but we remain hopeful that there will be an increased interest in green building from our BILD colleagues next year! As always, Greening Homes remains fundamentally committed to moving our industry progressively forward.

Also of note (and itself a very worthwhile candidate for Best Green Renovation of the Year), our Leaside ICF Addition was nominated for this year’s BILD awards in the Best Renovation – $150K – $300K category. This project is a highly energy efficient blend of reclaimed wood (including handrails from the National Ballet), natural finishes, and modern design. It was constructed out of beyond-code high R-value ICF (insulated concrete form) using an environmentally preferable concrete mix that replaced about 40% of the high greenhouse gas emitting Portland cement content typically found in concrete. Here’s a picture from the inside that illustrates the homeowner’s vision:

We look forward to hopefully not competing against ourselves in the category of green renovations again for the BILD Awards 2016!