Greening Homes retreat, Algonquin Eco lodge By: greening homes

June 30, 2014

This past winter the entire Greening Homes team (with partners and children!) escaped the city and spent a weekend at The Algonquin Eco Wilderness Lodge. The lodge itself is a unique experience and an apt setting for a Greening Homes retreat: the lodge is located 2.3kms from any road, therefore visitors must hike, walk, or in our case, ski in. The Lodge is 100% off grid with all of its power generated from micro hydro electricity and because of its remote location there isn’t any cell service or Internet!

The team spent the weekend sharing ideas on building techniques, new materials, what works/what doesn’t, best new practices and who is the best-dressed GH employee! While not in professional discussions, the team found themselves amongst nature, engaging with each other and the natural beauty that surrounded us. The weekend retreat — the second for Greening Homes at the Algonquin Eco Lodge — was a fun, informative event that had us all coming away feeling connected and inspired.

Ryan and Steven retreat

Playing music retreat


Steven snowball hot tub retreat


Nate retreat

Crew retreat

Connor retreat