Greening Homes’ Rosedale renovation featured in Homes and Cottages By: greening homes

March 16, 2016
Indoor Health, Resource Efficiency, Transportation, Waste Diversion

Greening Homes’ full house renovation in Rosedale is featured in a six-page spread in Homes and Cottages’ April 2016 issue. Entitled, Second time around, the article focuses on why building with green materials was top priority for the homeowners.

In the article, writer Connie Adair touches on some of our core pillars, including smart transportation to and from the site, highlighting how the crew showed up either on bicycle or via transit, and our responsible waste management practices, ranging from using reusable containers for our lunches to recycling demolition materials.

The article also covers our commitment to ensuring healthy indoor air quality through careful and informed material selections, a practice that the homeowner highly valued.

We also renovated for energy efficiency and are pleased to see that the article includes the Enbridge finding that the home uses one-third less gas compared to the average home in the area, despite being 40 percent larger.

Happy reading!

House and Homes Greening Homes spread - April 2016