HIGH PARK REBUILD By: greening homes

September 15, 2012
Community, Project Update

This past summer we had the privilege of working with the High Park community and Mike Holmes to re-build the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground. The beloved park means a lot to our team and was holds many memories for those of us who grew up on the slides and swings there.

The original castle structure was severely damaged by fire this past year and because of overwhelming public support and the leadership of the Holmes Group, we were able to make it right for the kids. We met Mike Holmes at one of the community planning meetings we attended and were invited to join his crew for the 2-weeks and re-build the castle with his crew. We jumped at the chance to give back to the community and provide a new place for the next generation to come play.

Holmes released a new show this fall and the High Park re-build was used for the series premiere. We”ve been waiting to show you images of the build for months but had to wait for the episode to launch. You can find the full episode of Holmes” new show called “Make It Right” right here. You can”t miss our crew in the episode with our bright green hardhats!

If you have not visited the park this year make sure you do in the spring. Hope to see you there!