July 15, 2013
Project Update, Waste Diversion

Part of our Leaside ICF addition project included improving basement access and resolving an awkward side entrance. This was one of those situations where you just stand there scratching your head wondering why anyone would have built it that way. The sidedoor was off a pie-shaped landing on a winding stair. Both the side door and the door at the top of the stairs opened into the stairwell making access extremely awkward – to get out from the side door, one had to walk down a little, close the door at the top of the stair, and then walk back up a little to open the side door before exiting.

To resolve this we eliminated the existing side door and basement stair case completely. Chris Jemmett Masonry filled in the brick where the door opening used to be.  See if you can spot it!  He artfully arranged a combination of new and old brick (which we salvaged from demolition at the rear of the house) to seamlessly blend in the repair. The mortar was carefully tinted to match the existing. A milk door was also eliminated and a new window added, but everything looks as if it was always there.

A new rear entrance and luxuriously wide basement stair was built in the ICF addition. A spacious landing and out-swing door provide convenient and safe access to both the basement and main floor.