Living Tradition: Re-using Jobsite Waste By: greening homes

December 11, 2014
Community, Resource Efficiency, Waste Diversion

Shane MacInnes is a Greening Homes employee who has been helping with on-site waste diversion by turning unwanted scrap material and wood into beautiful and functional home décor.

Shane’s inspiration was to reuse the commonly scrapped pieces of LVL. LVLs are used to span large distances in floors that conventional lumber cannot and are part of the growing trend of open concept living. Because LVLs are ordered specifically for large joist and beam lengths, the off-cuts are almost unusable in other areas of home renovation.

Shane, along with his partner comprise Living Tradition; a company that makes beautiful products from what others see as waste. Living Tradition will have a booth this year at the Annex Flea Market on Saturday December 13, 2014 at the Centre for Social Innovation.

Contact Living Tradition at:

Table Lamp



Powerless i-phone amp 



Tablet shelf



Tablet Shelf 2