March 28, 2013
Green Materials, Project Update, Resource Efficiency

We are at the half-way mark of our exciting Leaside ICF addition. Below are some of the milestones we have reached and a list of our next steps!

Exterior masonry has been completed

This includes adding two basement windows in the existing brick and closing in a side door and milk door. See upcoming blog post for photos!

Roof installed

A light-grey TPO membrane was installed over tapered polyisocyanurate insulation. The light grey colour was selected instead of pure white to balance the cooling load benefits of a cool roof with practical reflectance concerns for the second storey bedrooms. The tapered insulation was mechanically fastened to the level roof deck so that it could be removed and re-used in a possible future second storey addition.

Radiant In-Floor Heating Installed

Additional manifolds, pumps, and controls were added to the condensing wall-hung boiler to extend the heating system to the new slabs. The installation is tidy and compact allowing for more space to be allocated to living areas rather than mechanical rooms. The slab temperatures can be set seperately allowing the lower-use areas, such as the basement, to be set back for energy savings.

HRV Installed

An HRV was installed to supply fresh air to living areas and exhaust stale air from the washroom and kitchen. The HRV recovers heat from the exhuast air stream and transfers it to the incoming fresh air stream to save on heating costs and provide high indoor air quality. A model with a variable speed fan was chosen so that the ventilation ducting could be extended to the existing second floor areas in a future renovation.

In-Wall Tank, Dual Flush Toilet Roughed In

The in-wall tank not only saves space and water, but also provides a hygenic benefit with easier cleaning and no toilet footprint on the floor.

Durable, Recyclable Metal Siding

The corrugated metal siding was carefully ordered to length to minimize on-site labour and wastage generated from offcuts.


Spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation was installed, giving a high R-value per inch thickness and sealing cracks and air-leakage pathways in the existing masonry construction.

Rough-In Inspections Passed

We passed our framing, plumbing rough-in, HVAC rough-in, and insulation inspections.

Next Steps:

Polishing Concrete Floors, Drywall, Finishes, and Painting. Stay tuned for more photos and milestones!