Not Easy Building a Green Home? Think Again! By: greening homes

September 6, 2019
Green Materials, Media

Hot off the press! Christopher Phillip’s article is featured in the Fall 2019 issue of Green Living Show Magazine.

Now that the fall is upon us, you may be seriously considering a home renovation. You are not alone. This time of year, Greening Homes fields many enquiries. Some homeowners have returned from summer holidays and have put off their renovation plans until now; others have purchased a house as the real estate market heats up and want to make changes.

Often, prospective clients will tell us that while it would be nice to go “green,” it’s unaffordable. And when they do think of a green home renovation, they often envision high-performance windows or a well-insulated attic.

In reality, environmentally- responsible renovations, when done right, go beyond windows and insulation and can save you money while improving your home’s comfort – all the more important as the cold season approaches. Continue to Green Living Show Magazine article.