Forest Hill Bathroom

Bathroom renovation of a semi-detached home in the Forest Hill area.

This simple renovation of an existing bathroom upgraded the efficiency of the fixtures, dealt with some waterproofing issues and updated the space with a modern aesthetic.


This bathroom renovation was part of a larger whole home renovation including two other bathrooms, a kitchen and extensive finish upgrades throughout the home.

We removed the old vanity and plumbing fixtures and donated them to Habitat for Humanity. We installed new sound dampening insulation in the walls and drywalled the room with a 97% recycled drywall product. The entire new tile floor has been laid over a Schluter Ditra waterproof membrane, this membrane is designed to absorb movement in floor systems, preserve the integrity of the tile mortar and grout, and guard against potential water damage.

The new custom vanity was constructed from FSC certified walnut. The finish on the vanity and paint throughout the bathroom are low to no VOC. All of the caulking, glues and adhesives used in the bathroom are also low to no VOC.

A new HRV system was installed during the renovation that removes stale air from this bathroom (and other parts of the home), and supplies fresh air to the living spaces and bedrooms. Electrical has been completely upgraded in the bathroom and includes new LED pot lights and timers.


  • Greening Homes created a waste diversion plan before we started this project to identify potential waste/recyclable materials the project would produce
  • The existing bathroom vanity, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and other salvageable interior elements like doors were carefully removed and donated to Habitat for Humanity. The tax receipt for the donation was given to our client.


  • FSC certified custom bathroom vanity
  • Schluter Ditra waterproof membrane under all bathroom tile
  • A 97% recycled drywall product was used throughout the bathroom
  • All framing lumber (where possible) is FSC certified
  • All trim and interior doors are FSC certified
  • Ultra Touch recycled cotton denim batt sound insulation (bathroom walls)
  • California standard, lead free plumbing fixtures


  • Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) installed to recover the heat energy from exhausted air (it’s used to pre-heat fresh cold air coming into the home)
  • New LED lighting using Aroni pot lights in the ceiling


  • Non-toxic soldering flux was used on all plumbing components
  • Eco-Logo certified no VOC adhesives and caulking
  • No VOC primer and paints
  • New HRV system installed
  • The HRV system exhausts stale air from the kitchens, bathrooms and laundry, and supplies fresh air to the living spaces and bedrooms


  • This site was a five-minute walk away from the St. Clair subway station and allowed the majority of the Greening Homes crew to take the TTC
  • Trucks and other vehicles were used for moving materials and tools when they were required (not for day-to-day commuting)