North York Addition

In 2013 we completed this addition to a classic post-war home near Yonge and Finch. Originally built as a two-bedroom home, our clients have two growing boys and needed more room. The clients developed a design with SAGE Design that would add new space to the areas of the home where they needed it the most. This took the form of a slab-on-grade 2-storey addition and a complete renovation of the existing 2nd floor.

Scope of Work

The second story of the home was gutted and the back roof was completely removed, allowing for reconfiguration of the second story floorplan. The second story now has three bedrooms and a more functional family bathroom. The master bedroom is more spacious and the two children’s rooms are roomier for the growing boys.

On the main floor, the addition only minimally impacted the back wall of the kitchen, which was not part of this renovation. The great room has a wonderfully high ceiling and lots of light, providing an inviting space for the family.

Waste Minimization

  • Greening Homes created a waste diversion plan before starting  to identify materials for donation, diversion and reuse
  • All waste was collected in one bin and separated off-site, increasing the diversion rate compared to on-site separation and reducing labour costs
  • The crew accurately ordered the quantity of materials for framing and trim to reduce waste and prevent wasteful off-cuts
  • Existing patio stones were reused in the backyard

Informed Material Selection

  • The concrete used for the foundation is high-slag content concrete (slag is a bi-product from the steel manufacturing industry and is used to offset the quantity of energy-intensive Portland cement in the mix)
  • California standard, lead free plumbing fixtures
  • 97% recycled drywall was used throughout the home
  • All framing lumber (where possible) was FSC certified
  • All trim was FSC certified
  • FSC certified NAUF cork flooring was used in the great room
  • The new hardwood floors on the second story were finished with a water based stain and water based coating
  • Soy-based spray foam was used in the cathedral ceiling to provide a high R value
  • Roxul batt insulation was installed in all exterior walls
  • Windows were double-glazed, argon-filled aluminum-clad wood
  • A recycled steel roof was chosen for it longevity

Efficient Use of Resources

  • New high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner were installed
  • The hot water tank was replaced with a high efficiency domestic and radiant hot water system to supply the home and the radiant floor in the great room with hot water
  • LED compatible pot lights were installed

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

  • All plywood was NAUF
  • No VOC paint was used
  • All wet applied products (glues, caulking and paints) were no/low VOC

Smart Transportation to and From Site

  • The GH crew either carpooled or rode their bikes to this site
  • There were often 4-6 bikes on site