Pinewood Full House

Greening Homes fully modernized this 100+ year-old home near Toronto’s Hillcrest Village. We gutted the main and second floors, and rebuilt the one-floor rear addition. The result is a gorgeous, functional, and comfortable home!

One way we improved home comfort was by underpinning the basement. This involved installing ROXUL insulation (rather than rigid foam) below the basement slab to help reduce the embodied carbon in our building materials. We also used high SCM concrete (supplementary cementing materials) to reduce Portland cement, further minimizing the project’s carbon footprint.

This project followed the Greening Homes five pillars for responsible renovations, which include responsible waste management, careful and informed material selections, efficient design and use of resources, healthy indoor air quality and smart transportation to and from the jobsite. The project was retrofitted for above-building code energy performance.