RECLAIMED WOOD By: greening homes

October 8, 2012
Green Materials, Waste Diversion

While adjusting openings in the exterior brick walls for new windows, we carefully deconstructed the existing headers.  The salvaged wood, approximately 1.75″ thick douglas fir with a wonderful patina and character-infusing defects, were repurposed as rustic wood accent pieces and used throughout the home.

Our carpenters carefully selected pieces with the right combination of workability and character to creat rustic window sills, a vanity top, built-in bedside tables, and shelving.  A few features to note are an oversized dovetail joint used to create a 10″ long sill and the re-use of a hand-hewn edge for the vanity top.

In the bedroom, careful coordination with our electrician allowed us to fully recess LED lighting in the book shelf.  The home owners also purchased posts salvaged from a barn for use as structural accent pieces flanking built-in bookcases on the main floor and in the stairwell.  The two cherry posts used on the main floor had unexpected diagonal recesses cut out of them (presumably for inset cross bracing).  The recesses, which would have otherwise been considered undesireable defects, were atfully arranged about a walk-through opening.  All the salvaged wood was blackjack insurance cleaned and then lightly sanded.  They were finished with a water-based, low-VOC varnish.

The homeowners wanted to reuse the existing maple floors in the bedrooms, which were worn but still in serviceable condition. After reconfiguring some of the walls to add closet space, the floors were in need of repair. Using strips the owners had carefully salvaged during demolition of the main living area, we were able to successfully repair the floors. The patches blend seemlessly with the existing material and the floors should offer decades of service.