Space needed for exciting mystery project By: greening homes

September 19, 2016

Greening Homes seeks to rent an industrial space to build its top secret project – a.k.a – Project X. And we need it soon.

Can you help us?

While we are unable to delve into the exciting juicy details of Project X at this time (except to say it involves creating a very special building), we understand that you need a bit more information to help us make Project X a reality.

We are looking for an industrial property with the following qualities:

  • Location: GTA
  • On the ground floor, at grade, with an extra-large loading door (at least 16 feet wide and 18 feet high)
  • Available immediately for a 6 month rental lease
  • 1400 to 2500 sq. ft. with an ideal width of 35 feet, depth of 60 feet, and a clear height of 18 feet
  • Direct access on the exterior for a truck to back in and make a wide turn
  • Power (via a 200W panel), Water, and Heat
  • A washroom inside the space or inside the building

Greening Homes is a responsible company. We will ensure that the space is cared for.

If you have a space that fits the bill – or know someone who does – please contact Rowan Caister ASAP at

Remember. Shhh. Project X is Top Secret. For now.