Toronto Bike Month – even home renovators bike to work By: greening homes

May 28, 2018
Greening Homes' Team, Transportation

It may seem odd for home renovators to arrive at a job site on bike. Heavy duty pick-up trucks are often associated with renovation firms.

Not Greening Homes. Since our inception, we’ve made environmentally-friendly transportation one of our core pillars. During Toronto Bike Month (May 28 – June 30), Greening Homes’ President, Chris Phillips offers team members who bike to work a bursary of up to $70 for bike maintenance, tune ups and accessories.

Tim and Flavio 1

Tim Moxam (left) with Flavio Vogel. Biking to work is a lifestyle choice.

For Greening Homes’ Carpenter, Tim Moxam, cycling is more than a means of transportation. It’s a lifestyle choice.

“My choice to ride instead of drive is in consideration of my physical and mental health, the environment, and minimizing my overall footprint and impact on my surroundings,” he says. “As a carpenter and musician, cycling is not without its challenges. I am lucky to have a support network that assists me in my transportation needs and I do everything I can to manage on my own. I am in the process of outfitting my bike with electric assist and a bike trailer.”

Happily, in this day and age it’s becoming easier to get around while maintaining a small carbon footprint. Bike trailers are a help, and more dedicated bike lines are available to Torontonians. We also make a point to take on projects that are accessible by TTC.

And with services like RenoRun, who needs trucks? RenoRun is a Canadian company that delivers materials to jobsites. Simply download the app to your smartphone and order away. They even provide free coffee! We use RenoRun for the unexpected material run or tool transfer.

Some of our team live beyond Toronto and often have little choice but to drive in. But for the most part you will see the crew arrive to work either on bike or foot from the TTC.

Happy Toronto Bike Month!!

Greening Homes' President, Chris Phillips offers his team a bursary for bike tuneups and maintenance.

Greening Homes’ President, Chris Phillips offers his team a bursary for bike tune ups and maintenance.


Manuel Sester, one of Greening Homes' journeyman carpenters.

Manuel Sester, one of Greening Homes’ journeyman carpenters.