November 16, 2012

We strive to better our professional offering everyday, and today we became members of Passive Buildings Canada.

Passive what? The term Passive House is reserved for ultra-low-energy homes built to the German Passive House (…or Haus) standard. These homes are super insulated and air sealed, and are designed to work with the orientation and micro-climate of their sites (not work against them). They are so well air sealed that they require active ventilation using a HRV or ERV, opposed to conventional homes where most fresh air comes in through jogar casino furnace intakes and holes in the buildings envelope.

Currently we are putting Passive House approaches into action at our ICF addition project in Leaside. Next week the crew will be taking a one-day workshop on Passive House design and construction with the CaGBC. Moving forward we will be incorporating Passive House strategies and ideas in all of our projects. Some ideas are quite simple and often do not cost more than conventional construction when they are incorporated early in the design process.

Check out Canadian Passive House Institute and Passive Buildings Canada  for more information.