Safeguarding a breath of indoor fresh air By: greening homes

September 1, 2023
Indoor Health

For several days this summer, Toronto’s air quality was the worst in the world due to wildfire smoke from northern Ontario and Quebec. We were advised to stay indoors if we could and use a HEPA filter to remove any smoke-related particulate matter that entered the home.  A HEPA filter removes other particulates as well, […]

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Identifying toxic substances in your home, prior to a home renovation By: greening homes

June 1, 2022
Indoor Health, Planning a Renovation

Most of us have spent an inordinate amount of time sheltered in our homes, courtesy of the pandemic. We want to ensure that our homes are indeed safe – not just from the coronavirus but from toxic materials. A home renovation is a perfect opportunity to remove asbestos, lead, mercury, mold and other debilitating and […]

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NEIGHOURS OF HIGH PARK MAGAZINE: Make your home a lead-free haven By: greening homes

February 25, 2022
Indoor Health, Media

Greening Homes’ founder and President, Chris Phillips is an expert contributor of Neighbours of High Park Magazine. This article appeared in the March 2022 issue.

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Make your home a lead-free haven By: greening homes

February 3, 2022
Indoor Health, Water Protection

Your home should be a haven, not a danger zone. Toxins in the home are unseen dangers that can cause serious health problems. A big culprit is lead which, if present in your water or circulating as particulate in indoor air, builds in your body and could impact fertility, lead to developmental delays in children, […]

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A Century-Old Semi in Toronto Gets a Sustainable Makeover By: greening homes

June 1, 2021
Green Materials, Indoor Health, Media, Site Stories

Greening Homes’ Morse Street project once more attracted attention with this House Feature in Build with Rise, May 25, 2021. Marianne and Luke Windisch take sustainability seriously. “We certainly both try to live sustainably,” says Marianne Windisch. “We bike everywhere with the kids all year long. We do have a car, but it’s electric. We […]

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When high performing walls are allowed to breathe By: greening homes

November 6, 2020
Indoor Health, Resource Efficiency

By Chris Phillips I last blogged about the perils of spray foam insulation, highlighting its high carbon impact and potential risk for off-gassing, which can compromise occupant health, and vapour impermeability, which can degrade masonry walls over time.   Toronto’s centenarian brick houses were designed (intentionally or otherwise) to allow vapour to flow in and […]

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Spray foam: buyer beware By: greening homes

September 8, 2020
Indoor Health, Planning a Renovation, Resource Efficiency

Polystyrene spray foam has become the industry standard for home insulation. Unfortunately, this industry standard can create several problems down the line which are costly and could compromise indoor air quality.

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This condo’s inner beauty By: greening homes

May 21, 2019
Awards, Green Materials, Indoor Health, Waste Diversion

We love transforming older condominiums into gorgeous modern – and healthy – havens. Condo renovations are becoming a mainstay for us at Greening Homes, and the renovation community is taking note.

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