Innovative, healthy building materials profile: Fibreboard By: greening homes

April 20, 2018
Green Materials, Indoor Health, Resource Efficiency

These days more and more companies are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Concerns about climate change are mounting, and there is a real appetite to take responsibility for this global problem, coupled with awareness that innovative solutions to lighten the carbon load often help improve the bottom line. Greening Homes has been conscious […]

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Why it’s much better to relocate during your home renovation By: greening homes

April 18, 2018
Planning a Renovation

This blog is part of Greening Homes’ Planning a Renovation series. Should we live in the home during the renovation, or temporarily relocate? Often, homeowners choose the former to save money and avoid the inconvenience of moving. In so doing they typically spend more money overall and can make decisions they later regret. Living in […]

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Innovative, healthy building materials profile: Red List-free PROSOCO Products By: greening homes

March 5, 2018
Green Materials, Indoor Health, Waste Diversion

Greening Homes takes its motto “renovations done responsibly” very seriously. It speaks to our commitment to accountability and transparency, ensuring that our clients are well-informed every step during the process, and that they receive the best value per dollar. It also speaks to our commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of the homeowners. That’s […]

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Planning a renovation? Timing is everything By: greening homes

February 7, 2018
Planning a Renovation

This blog is part of Greening Homes’ Planning a Renovation series. Early in the year we often field inquiries about spring home renovations. How soon can we start? That’s all going to depend on the project’s scope. If you plan to expand the building envelope, it could take a lot longer to get your approvals. […]

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Ten tips to reduce your energy bills By: greening homes

January 23, 2018
Resource Efficiency

This winter isn’t kidding. Torontonians bundled up to stay warm during record setting lows that kicked off the year. The season has just begun. How bundled up is your home? Are you feeling the draught? Drafty houses pack a double punch, impacting your home comfort and heating bills. If you are planning a home renovation, […]

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Ontario’s building code changes will improve your home performance and comfort By: greening homes

December 6, 2017
Planning a Renovation, Resource Efficiency

Changes to the Ontario Building Code come into effect on January 1, 2018, stipulating greater emphasis on airtightness, higher requirements for mechanical ventilation of homes, and more effective insulation installation. If you are planning a home renovation, these changes will impact some of your decisions. The changes are part of an ongoing provincial plan to […]

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Aging in place in Toronto By: greening homes

November 20, 2017
Alternative housing, Planning a Renovation

Once upon a time it was not uncommon for Toronto homeowners to purchase and sell several homes in their lifetimes. Property was affordable and people moved to accommodate a growing family or to live in a neighbourhood that better suited their needs and lifestyles. Nowadays, a growing population is up against limited residential stock. Consequently, […]

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The making of a high performance, semi-detached century-old home By: greening homes

October 13, 2017
Green Materials, Indoor Health, Resource Efficiency, Site Stories

In September we opened to the public a renovation in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood during Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO). This annual event by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association offers a fantastic opportunity for builders to showcase emerging best-practice energy-efficient design and construction details. The homeowners for this project approached Greening Homes in February with a […]

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