What to do about asbestos in your home: interview with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance By: greening homes

September 25, 2017
Indoor Health

We take asbestos very seriously at Greening Homes. Exposure to this dangerous substance can lead to a variety of diseases, particularly mesothelioma – a deadly cancer that affects the lungs primarily. Asbestos was the material of choice for insulation, waste piping, roof shingles, tiles and other products between the 1940s and 1980s. Any buildings built […]

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Reducing your heating costs when the price of fossil fuels increases By: greening homes

September 6, 2017
Planning a Renovation, Resource Efficiency

Next year, the Canadian government’s national rising fee on carbon will begin in an effort to meet Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction targets made in Paris in 2015. What does this mean for you? All provinces must have a carbon fee starting at a minimum $10 per carbon ton, rising by $10 every year until 2022, […]

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Two great events to help your home reno plans By: greening homes

September 5, 2017
Announcements, Green Materials, Indoor Health, Project Update, Resource Efficiency

Receive free home renovation advice from us, or visit one of our projects that’s applying the latest high efficiency practices when you visit the Toronto Fall Home Show and/or our Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) event, respectively, this month. We’ll be at booth 647 at the Fall Home Show, September 15-17, located at the Enercare […]

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The benefits of managing the subtrades on your behalf By: greening homes

August 25, 2017
Planning a Renovation

This blog is part of a series – Planning your home renovation. You are planning to hire a general contractor to transform your house into your dream home. General contractors often come with a team of construction managers, carpenters, and sometimes designers to help make it happen. The tradespeople, typically referred to as subtrades, provide […]

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I have seen the future and it’s the printed house By: greening homes

July 24, 2017
Alternative housing

This blog is part of our Alternative Housing series. You may have heard the news. Early this year a Russian company made history by constructing the first on-site 3D printed house. Yes, a real house at 37 square feet. The entire process, including painting, took 24 hours and cost a little over $10,000 US. Well. […]

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Building trust – working collaboratively with your home renovator By: greening homes

July 17, 2017
Planning a Renovation

This blog is part of a series – Planning your home renovation. Trust. It’s critical for any relationship, especially when a major investment, such as a home renovation, is involved. In addition to referrals from reliable sources, working collaboratively with your home renovator is an excellent way to build that trust. Happily the Internet has […]

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Lightening the landfill load By: greening homes

July 4, 2017
Waste Diversion

It’s a terrible statistic. Eighty-eight percent of all construction waste in Ontario ends up in the landfill. We calculate that 40 percent of the world’s materials are used by the building industry. That adds up to a lot of waste. It doesn’t need to be this way, and it cannot continue. This practice of easily […]

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Access to laneway housing: an interview with Lanescape’s Craig Race By: greening homes

June 19, 2017
Alternative housing

Photo: The Lanescape team. Craig Race is second from left. Photo credit: Lanescape. Recently, we caught up with Craig Race, an architect and co-founder of Lanescape to learn more about laneway housing and its efforts in making them accessible in Toronto. Lanescape is a citizens’ advocacy group that is building political will for the City […]

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