SHOU SUGI BAN By: greening homes

April 7, 2014
Green Materials, Project Update

We are experimenting with siding materials for our current project in East York, Toronto. Our clients have asked for a modern and dark coloured siding material for their front dormers, and we thought Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood siding) could be perfect. Last weekend we experimented for the first time using some of the reclaimed […]

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New PV project By: greening homes

December 10, 2013
Project Update, Resource Efficiency

The Beechwood project (renovation and 2nd storey addition) will incorporate a solar array. Permits for the project are delayed because the City required more information on attachment of the array and the structure’s ability to accommodate it. In a fortunate coincidence, the Solar Canada 2013 conference and trade show is on right now, and we were able to attend […]

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September 14, 2013
Project Update

Greening Homes is working on a slab on grade, 2-story addition in North York this summer. The house is a small, post war, story and a half, brick home. As part of the 2-story addition, the rear roof was raised 3’ at the ridge and the new roof we built incorporates the new addition and […]

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July 15, 2013
Project Update, Waste Diversion

Part of our Leaside ICF addition project included improving basement access and resolving an awkward side entrance. This was one of those situations where you just stand there scratching your head wondering why anyone would have built it that way. The sidedoor was off a pie-shaped landing on a winding stair. Both the side door and […]

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THE STORY OF A THIRD STORY By: greening homes

June 13, 2013
Project Update

Ten years ago George and Maria Stonehouse had a vision for their two and half story home. The vision was radical and their friends and neighbors claimed, “It can’t be done! You must be crazy! In the winter…but why?”. Fast forward to the present day, George, his nephew Kyle, myself and two other Greening Homes […]

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March 28, 2013
Green Materials, Project Update, Resource Efficiency

We are at the half-way mark of our exciting Leaside ICF addition. Below are some of the milestones we have reached and a list of our next steps! Exterior masonry has been completed This includes adding two basement windows in the existing brick and closing in a side door and milk door. See upcoming blog […]

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ICF ADDITION By: greening homes

December 15, 2012
Project Update

Greening Homes is undertaking its first ICF project for a one-storey addition in Leaside. For this project we are working very closely with the homeowner who designed the addition and selected most of the materials and finishes to be used. The ICF manufacuter is Amvic, and they produce their blocks right here in Toronto. Amvic was selected […]

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HIGH PARK REBUILD By: greening homes

September 15, 2012
Community, Project Update

This past summer we had the privilege of working with the High Park community and Mike Holmes to re-build the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground. The beloved park means a lot to our team and was holds many memories for those of us who grew up on the slides and swings there. The original castle structure […]

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